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Arizona Canning Company

Located in Tucson, Arizona Canning Company was founded to meet the needs of our consumers in the United States by providing quality staple products, which are enjoyed in every home. The company produces and distributes preserved foods made with the best selection of ingredients, making Arizona Canning the best option for your home.


The company’s experince can be tasted in every single product, satisfying even the most discerning palates.

Arizona Canning Company is owned by Conservas La Costeña – A 100% Mexican Owned Company. La Costeña was founded in 1923 by Vicente Lopez Resines when he purchased a convenience store called La Costeña. He began by producing “Serrano” chilies and “largo” chilies in vinegar in 20 kg glass jars.


In 1937, they began manufacturing cans by hand. In 1948, he founded a 53,820 ft2 manufacturing plant in Mexico City. In 1971 La Costeña left Mexico City for Tulpetlac in the State of Mexico where today they have a 2,691,000 ft2 facility.


La Costeña began exporting chili peppers and sauces to the US in 1973. In 1994 they launched the La Costeña line of beans into the US market.


La Costeña purchased the Tucson plant on June 7, 2006. We manufacture cans and produce Refried & Whole Bean and Enchilada Sauce products under the La Costeña, Luck’s and Sun Vista brands. The Tucson plant is a 532,000 ft2 manufacturing facility on an 85 acre site.


While the company is a relative newcomer in the canning industry, the brands produced and their traditions are well seasoned. Employing quality conscious employees and up-to-date canning technology, allows us to capitalize on traditional tastes and flavors of the brands we produce. The Sun Vista brand (acquired May 2007) and the Luck’s brand (acquired February 2010) are wholly owned by Arizona Canning Company.